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One of the key elements that propels a product to becoming successful is branding.

The best branding requires the most unique thinking put into practice. The execution has to be stellar, that way customers are also won over by the visual aesthetic. Containers with distinctive yet functional shapes are becoming more popular, but won’t they be a nightmare to run on a production line?

Not if you have the right company finding the right bottle orienter solutions for you. Look no further than CSS International.

This crucial step requires adding a stand-alone bottle orienter and handling system to your already existing production line. In combination with other packaging components, bottle orienter and handling systems can do more than merely transfer bottles.

About Orienters

Bottle orienters are designed to help conveyor systems move bottles, jars, or any other container and position them correctly for packaging. Sometimes these are used in tandem with labeling machines for accurate labeling purposes. The main task of orienter machines is to properly turn containers that are not positioned correctly, using 90, 180 or 270 degree angles.

Unique Container Orientation

If the design of your container has some sort of a unique component that the handling system’s sensor can take advantage of, the bottle orienter will position the container accordingly.

Orienter machines operate before the filling and labeling processes and are placed at the beginning of a production line. They can also operate at the end of a line after accumulation tables or in the final packaging stages, such as shelf-ready product preparation.

Symmetrical Bottle Orientation

You can encounter applications that require orientation of the neck thread or registration lug. Especially if we are referring to pump closures, flip top lids, or other specialty caps that require a particular alignment after capping. With accurate control of an application’s thread or lug, the capping process can handle identical alignment of the caps.

Types of Orienters

Depending on how demanding the bottle or container is, there are 3 types of orienters you can choose from to carry out the task efficiently. Below is a brief description of each.

Inline Orienter Systems

Inline bottle orienter systems are suitable for both low and high speed applications. They can handle orienting labeled or unlabeled, asymmetrical or symmetrical bottles of shapes and sizes.

The correct orientation of the container model is achieved using mechanical methods and sensors (photoelectric, proximity, color, electromechanical) or a vision system. You would need to know the speed of your line as well as other characteristics of the containers being used on the machine to determine which model would suit your needs.

Rotary Orienter Systems

Rotary orienter systems are especially useful for difficult applications. Contrary to inline orienters, a rotary system uses sensors to detect container positions and takes them off the conveyor line, ultimately rotating them as needed.

This is achieved by using what is known as a rotary turret. The rotary turret enables rotations of 90, 180, or 270 degrees to ensure correct positioning. After this process, the products get discharged back onto the conveyor line.

Servo Orienters

Servo orienters are used for the most difficult of applications. They are the most customizable and are able to position round containers to any spot, regardless of angle.

Our Bottle Orienter and Handling Systems

CSS International takes on the task of designing and building orienter machines for any application. Our bottle orienter and handling systems can handle off-center neck bottles, containers of all sizes and shapes, labeled or unlabeled, external handled or interior gripper bottles, in-mold label bottles, pre-decorated bottles, and so many more.

We work with durable materials to ensure the highest quality machines. Our machines are ready to integrate right out of the box once they get safely shipped to you. They can run containers of various materials such as PP, PS, PET, HDPE, PP, PS, and PVC.

So whether you operate applications like food, drinks, personal care, motor oil, chemical, pharma, or any other, CSS International builds the sturdiest and most reliable machines you can quickly integrate in your packaging line. We use durable materials such as aluminum or stainless steel for construction and we ensure safe interlocks on all guard tools. Our parts and handling systems are fabricated in the US.

Our Experience in the Field

CSS International has been in the industry for 3 quarters of a century. The name is now equivalent with vast knowledge, experience, and a friendly and helpful service that generates an ever-increasing number of returning customers. We provide ideal solutions through our fast service and prompt follow-ups.

We take pride in knowing your workflow is as efficient and successful as it can be, and we will go to great lengths to find the best solutions for any problems you may have. CSS International is all about finding the most efficient solutions for our clients…since this is what keeps us a resounding name in the business.

Contact Us Today For A Change Parts Consultation

We will gladly provide you with a consultation on how to make your bottle orienter and handling system more prolific.

The U.S. market’s needs have been constantly changing and for the past 75+ years, we adapted accordingly. CSS International is one of the leaders in the production line manufacturing industry and we always look for ways to surpass our competitors by offering the most efficient and successful services to optimize your workflow.