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Timing Screws

At CSS, we take pride in our timing screw development. Every one of our clients has unique product specifications that are required. Thus, we pay particular attention to detail to ensure the timing screws are perfect for their needs.

The name says it all—the product is all about the timing. In a fast-moving production line where great numbers of goods are moving through, it is crucial that no part of the machine is out of rhythm. With timing screws, items can be well organized and moved down the line at a precision pace. Timing screws allow manufacturers to move, orient, and space a particular product to precise specifications. For example, if the items are square boxes of the same dimensions, the screw will organize them according to the client’s needed specifications. These timing screws are an invaluable part of a mass production line and are ideal for precision organization. The product comes in a set of two screws through which the client’s desired items will travel. The screws spin and thus gather the item. Specially machined grooves and threads in these screws then separate, twist, and move the items accordingly. The screws do not always have to perform all of these functions. For example, a round bottle may only need to be moved and properly gapped by the screws. We can and will design and develop timing screws to fit any of our client’s needs. Speak to one of our engineers today to find out how we can fashion the timing screws you need.

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Conveyor Change Parts (Stars, Guides and Hardware)

Looking to increase productivity and decrease the need for tools? Our change parts are specifically designed to be exchanged without needing tools to fasten or loosen them to the conveyor system. Our change parts are also designed to keep you from needing to modify machine specifications in any way – effectively reducing the preparation time needed for the changeover.

We understand that time is money and that time spent on changing out parts can be valuable time lost. 

CSS International has been utilizing top of line technology to provide our clients with a streamlined process for using and changing out our parts. At CSS, we employ expert engineers who have the latest in computer aided design technology in order to create the precise parts you need and fashion them with the ability to lock and loosen using only your hands. Reducing the parts, such as nuts and bolts, that need to be tightened also means reducing the risk of either losing those parts or having them become loose over time. The gradual loosening of fasteners could cause damage to your equipment as well as unexplained drops in machine efficiency. For machinery that is operated in a sterile or sanitary environment, quick change parts reduce the amount of debris caused by fasteners. In some cases, fasteners like nuts and bolts may cause debris build up from metal shavings.If you are looking to maximize yield on the assembly line and minimize the risks involved with standard parts changeover, contact CSS today and start seeing an increase in productivity.

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Lane Dividers

See true precision in action with our uniquely designed lane dividers. Lane dividers allow production to be split up into lanes or on separate conveyor belts either to go to different stages of the production process or to divide the items among multiple equipment responsible for the same stage of the process. Lane dividers allow you accurately divide inventory based on specific needs. Our lane dividers can be programmed to divide a specific number of items down each lane.



One of the most sought-after benefits of having lane dividers is that it helps to control the flow inventory. For example, each stage of the production line (i.e. labeling, filling, packaging, etc.) takes different amounts of time to complete per item. Certain production lines might then have multiple lanes for a slower stage of the process to allow the entire line to flow without changing the speed of the entire line. This is a primary reason for exploiting the precision lane divider technology here at CSS.Packaging is also another important benefit to lane dividing technology. Being able to separate items into various lane for packaging means being able to set more shipping boxes to be filled with items at once – effectively maximizing production efficiency.Our lane dividers can be fitted to existing conveyor belt systems or designed as stand-alone systems. Our lane dividers are also available with our patented timing screw technology. If you are looking to add lane dividers to your line and increase efficiency, speak with our engineers today.

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Screw Feeding Systems (Modular Drive Units)

The drive units are what turn the screws on a production line. They can be turned on and off to allow halting of item movement whilst not preventing the rest of the chain from moving.

In other words, the timing screws will hold the items and allow the conveyor belt to move underneath them. One of the greatest benefits to these modular drive units is that they can be used for any enterprise or product. Simply replace the timing screws with ones that match the items’ specifications. With CSS’s exclusive technology, our drive units are designed to allow for quick and easy interchange of timing screws without the need for any tools – saving on time and needed equipment.The drive units themselves can be controlled remotely or by programing to match the required speed of the conveyor belt and production line. If you are looking to add or update your screw feed systems, contact CSS International today and keep your inventory moving like clockwork.

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Bottom Code / Inspection Diverters

Our expert engineers at CSS International have developed advanced bottom code/inspection diverters that can handle a wide array of container shapes and sizes. Our bottom code/inspector diverters allow for in-line container labeling, coding, inspecting or marking access and can make fast container size adjustments without needing change parts, slow down, or line splitting, making them a highly convenient and very efficient accessory to have. They can even be used in conjunction with any pre-existing label or print applications.


Furthermore, at CSS, we understand the importance of compliance and know how failure to comply with OSHA and other safety standards can negatively impact your production and products. That is why we have been so careful to ensure that our Bottom Code / Inspection Diverters are manufactured with hygienic sub-components and safety guards, only in stainless steel and anodized aluminum in enclosures, in full compliance with OSHA standards.

Our Bottom Code / Inspection Diverters can handle nearly all container shapes and sizes, including those up to 4.75” in width. They are designed with two 1/8 HP permanent magnet gear motors, with AC motor options available, and can operate at a line surface rate of up to 125 ft./min. as a standard with options available. These meet the US electrical code service requirements of 120 VAC single phase 50/60 Hz. With these specifications, we have created Bottom Code / Inspection Diverters with controls and variable speed drive that enable the unit to match the existing line speeds of your conveyor while ensuring that containers continue on a controlled path.


Additionally, while ensuring compliance and excellence in quality, we have also created customizable options for our bottom code/inspection diverters for your individual needs. They can include high-speed drivers, shaft encoders, explosion proof motors, tapered container belt faces, wide and narrow face belts, additional mounting plates, and a full safety guard with interlocked isolator door.

For the best in bottom code / inspection diverters, speak to one of our engineers today!

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Product Orienters

More than just merely moving and spacing items at a certain specification, our product orienting machines are able to position items a certain way for the next stage of a process. Using our renowned timing screw technology, orienters can be made at a variety of shapes, sizes, and to accommodate any items necessary.

Our engineers are experienced in designing and creating machinery to your exact specifications.



Orienteers can be built as separate drive units or made to fit existing structures. The product orienteers can also accommodate speeds of up to 125 ft per minute on the conveyor systems.Orienters are crucial for precision assembly lines. Orienters make sure that your items are positioned properly for each applicable stage in the production process. For example, with certain types of inventory, labels need to be affixed on the same side each time. If, for example a bottle has a handle on one side, the label will probably need to be placed on the opposing side of the bottle. If products are not oriented correctly, the label can be misplaced on the product. Furthermore, disorientation can lead to damaging of equipment.With CSS, we take great pride in our products and will see that our clients receive top of line care and precision equipment to keep their production line safe from damage. We also understand the importance of having products that look like they were made with high quality standards. Call us today and work with a company who cares about your reputation.

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Conveyor Metering Systems

Mind the gaps! With our metering systems, that is exactly what we help our clients to accomplish. Metering your inventory along the production conveyor belt is a crucial capability for any company.

With our metering systems, your products can be gapped and accelerated or decelerated along the conveyor belt to match rhythm of the whole line. For example, the spacing between items may need to be different depending on which section of the belt they are in. A labeling machine may require one gap specification and a dispenser require another gap measurement.Like everything else we make, each metering system will be designed according to customer needs and specifications. Our metering systems can be made for a wide range of materials, including anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and so on. The width of the metering systems can be set anywhere between 6 and 48 inches with gap specification ranging from half an inch to 2 feet. Additionally, just like our other products, the timing screws can be custom designed and made available with quick change technology to save time on changeover.The metering systems can be designed and built either as a separate conveyor system or fitted to existing conveyor belts as an attachment. The benefit of having an attachment module is that it can be changed out to match a variety of different items and several can be made to different specifications for production lines that see different goods. Contact us today and receive a quote for a specially designed and built metering system that fits your business’s needs.

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Lane Combiners

At CSS International, we can develop lane combiners to fit every one of our client’s needs. Keep your production line running smoothly with a custom designed lane combiner from CSS and see optimal precision inaction. Our lane combiners use accumulation technology to combine products together from multiple conveyor belts or equipment such as presses, ovens, labelers, etc. Moving the items back into one lane is essential for certain processes that only happen along one line such as trimming, filling, and packaging processes.


Lane combination technology is fairly simple in terms of the goal; however, it still requires precise calculations in order for the combination process to be in rhythm with the rest of the production line. In some cases, accumulators will do the trick. However, with some items like bottles, guides are required to push items together down a single conveyor belt line.

One of the great benefits of utilizing lane combiners is the ability to divert traffic flow down to one conveyor belt in the event that another part of the machine stops running properly, preventing major backups and jams. In some case, there might be multiple lanes dedicated to one process of the production (i.e. there might be four labelers). Should one or more of these fail, the items can be diverted down to other lanes for labeling. It keeps production going without having to halt the whole process. Incidentally, having the option for lane combiner technology greatly improves production by preventing a total halt in the manufacturing and assembly process.

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Side Grip Belt Units

Similar to timing screws and metering systems, side grip belt units work by grabbing equipment on the sides as they pass through the belt unit and adjusting their speed for gapping purposes, inspecting, bottom coding, and de-pucking. In most circumstances, the side grip is needed because there is an opening or drop-off in the conveyor belt. This is primarily used to exposed the bottom of the item for the bottom code inspectors. With our patented technology, CSS International develops some of the safest belt units available.

We use STEEL-IT painted stands as well as safety guards made of stainless steel.The side grip belt units are also completely portable, meaning they can be easily removed for the production line or assembled at other parts of the conveyor belt. The available stand allows for quick adjustments for height and right or left positioning. The belt can also accommodate a wide range of materials including aluminum cans, glass, plastic, and other container types. Customs widths are also available to match different shapes like packages or bottles.

One of the added benefits of utilizing side grip belt units is that if an item is downed, it can pass into the opening without disrupting the rest of the production line. The belt can be designed to grip only items that are in their proper upright positions to eliminate downed products in the line which may cause major disruption or even damage to inventory and equipment. Contact us today to find out more about side belt grip units.

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Conveyor Sorters (Vacuum Reject Systems)

Increase quality control without decreasing productivity with our conveyor sorters. Items that do not meet the required specifications can be effectively removed from the production line and significantly reduce the risk of a quality control error. Our conveyor sorters can also be used to deliberately separate items of different weights. Our engineers can design vacuum systems to handle vials as small as 2 ml and as big as several gallons with speeds up to 2600 CPM.

Our Model 3892 uses timing screw technology to attain control of the item and send it to the rejection star wheel. Both the screw and the wheel are operated by the same drive unit, ensuring they are precisely in sync with each other. There should be devices and applications used prior to units reaching the star wheel that properly identify the items ready for reject.Like all of our other products, the vacuum rejects systems can be made as stand-alone systems or designed to be fully integrated with our clients’ existing production line or conveyor belt equipment. Quality is important to us and we want the products we make to reflect that quality. The reputation of our clients impacts us as well and so we will strive to make sure that all of our products are designed with deliberate attention to detail and great care. If you are interested in seeing how our conveyor sorters or vacuum rejection systems can help improve quality control for your business, call us today.
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Specializing in Industrial Manufacturing for Over 75 Years

Founded in 1945, CSS International has been supporting the manufacturing industry in the United States and abroad since World War II. Started just one month prior to victory during World War II, CSS International was built by individuals who worked together at a facility that supported the American military during the war. The three individuals, Herbert V. Coulston, Fred G. Shultz, and Harry F. Speth, used their experience in manufacturing to build a company that would support the United States and the world in post-war production.

CSS International would go on to help the world get back to normal by becoming a pioneer in the manufacturing industry. Through the years, CSS International has diversified itself to stay on top of manufacturing demands and be a forerunner for new manufacturing technologies.Today, CSS prides itself in being an industry leader for developing timing screws, change parts, lane combiners and diverters, product orienteers, feed systems, and many other current organizing materials used on production lines.
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CSS International has been faithfully serving the United States and its various industries for more than 75 years. Throughout our history, we have worked hard to diversify and advance in an effort to meet the needs of this great nation’s industrial needs.

CSS is more than just another player in the production line manufacturing community. We have helped develop the technology that is used by so many companies today. CSS engineers were the forerunners of timing screw technology when it was birthed in the 1970s and has been a veteran timing screw manufacturer ever since, continuingly striving for excellence and advancement.

If you are need top of line production line equipment and want to work with a leader in the industry, then look no further than CSS International. Contact us today at 800-278-8107 or [email protected] to speak with one of our experienced conveyor accessory engineers and learn how we can help you maximize productivity and minimize downtime!

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