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Container handling is one of the industries that makes the world go round. But even the world needs durable change parts to keep going.

Regardless of what line of manufacturing you are in, change parts - or stars and guides, as they are known in the container handling industry - are essential components. Without these, the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and chemical industries would draw to a halt.

You need long-lasting stars and guides, to sustain a long-lasting operation. Like any complex machinery, rotary equipment has its own lifespan. Don’t hold off until the minute your change parts need to be replaced. Find a long term partner company that offers a long term solution. That way you will have the necessary peace of mind that everything works like clockwork, constantly.

Successful products are made by reliable machines. Therefore, reliable machines are made of high-quality parts that are built to last. You just have to find the right source.

About Our Change Parts Solutions

Cappers, cleaners, cottoners, seamers, monoblock, labelers, coders, and pump placers are just some of the applications CSS change parts can be used for. The changeovers will be quick, easy, and efficient, as you won’t need to modify machines or tools.

CSS stars and guides deliver convenience and durability. The increased productivity they generate is only matched by the smooth maintenance they require. This is thanks to the unique designs that replace the already existing OEM parts.

The high quality of our change parts is a result of years of experience in the field of manufacturing. The high standards our engineers impose are visible in how our stars and guides are engineered.

In order to achieve the most durable change parts, our engineers use CAD/CAM designs as well as precision machining, a wide variety of colors to set them apart, lightweight components, suitable good wear materials for each container, no loose hardware, and all necessary conditions for sanitary assemblies.

Securing and positioning the parts using the OEM bolt-on method reduces the changeover times. You won’t need much training to be able to undergo changeovers, as the procedures are quick and easy to follow. The whole purpose of the whole installation/operation/maintenance process is to be intuitive and time-efficient.

Regardless of how unique or complex your application is, CSS Change Parts are designed to fit. Our starwheel designs are flexible and adaptable. For intricate operations such as krimping and filling, container and bottle control are effectively provided by our efficient designs. Whether you want to incorporate the change parts into new equipment or use them on existing machinery, our equipment allows for both options.

Accuracy is one of the defining traits of CSS change parts. A fifth of an inch between container handling machines is incredibly important. Our machines undergo thorough maintenance provided by our skilled personnel, to ensure 100% accuracy and functionality. Although each machine is man-made, they are all human error-free.

To complete the line of conveyor accessory parts, CSS has also branched out in the packaging industry, where it is one of the leading experts in the field. As a result of this evolution, we upgraded to the headquarters we currently operate from. This move pushed the functionality and productivity of our timing screw operations to a new pinnacle.

With three successful quarters of a century under our belts, companies from all around the world count on our products to optimize their conveyor systems. We make managing and manipulating packages and containers easier with our wide range of parts and solutions.

From change parts, timing screws, feed systems, and product orienters to lane combiners/diverters, bottom code/inspection diverters, side grip belt units and vacuum reject systems, we guarantee a successful and efficient workflow which will maximize your results, ridding you of any worry. As your company pushes for success, we also push our conveyor accessories to constantly reach new grounds, possibilities, and solutions.

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Optimize your production and opt for our change parts. We’d be glad to provide a consultation on how to make your operation more efficient by using our services.

Contact us either by phone, email, personally at the address provided in the Contact section, or simply fill out the form on our website. We will get in touch as soon as possible to arrange a discussion and offer you our expertise, professionalism, and best solution to suit your company’s needs.

As a company that has been adapting to the U.S. market’s needs for over 75 years, CSS International is one of the leaders in the production line manufacturing industry. We always strive to be one step ahead of the changes so that we may serve our customers as best we can.

By choosing to work with our top of the line equipment, you choose to optimize your workflow. So make that choice today and get in touch with us. Our experienced engineers would love to hear from you and come up with the best solutions for maximizing your productivity. After all, we take pride in the success of our clients. Properly engineered and precision machined materials produce high quality parts that are built to last by our qualified staff.