Container Handling Solutions

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If the world would go around as smoothly as our container handling systems, it would be a much better place.

Container handling systems provide rapid material flow for fast and precise order processing. This enhances workflow considerably and ensures container provision.

There is a complex process that is implied in container handling and you need a trustworthy partner in offering premium and customized solutions. So let’s quickly go over some of the tasks necessary for completion when it comes to container handling, and figure out what solutions you should look for.

Container Handling Process

There are 4 main stages or steps that container handling implies. Each of these steps is achieved in individual dispatch areas with the utmost precision. They are:

  • singling
  • emptying
  • closing
  • staging

In order to carry out these steps, various parts are necessary. Each component plays a crucial role in ensuring precision, smoothness, and optimum speed.

  • container stacker - this component makes sure that unused containers get stored efficiently, saving space. are stored in a space-saving manner. When needed, the containers are returned to the handling system.
  • container destacker - as its name suggests, the destacker separates the containers from the stack.
  • container emptier - this piece removes any packaging material from the containers, which are then transported back by means of the conveyor belt.
  • cover machine - after the picking process, the containers need to be sealed with covers.
  • cover closer - once the cover machine completes its duty, the containers get closed with flaps, or folding covers. Then the containers get transported into the unit, via a belt conveyor, with open folding covers. Afterwards, the flaps are repositioned vertically by the shape of the side guides. Ultimately, they fall together and close the container.
  • tray unloading station - the trays are separated from the goods, due to the tray unloading station pushing them sideways off the trays.
  • loading station - this component ensures the trays get loaded with their afferent goods, as 2 synchronized conveyors get stacked above each other at a steep angle. In the end, the cartons smoothly fall onto the tray that circulates below.

Our Container Handling Solutions

Allow our team at CSS International assist you in diagnosing your packaging line plans or problems, come up with the optimum solution for you and install it, then ensure the system’s smooth and error-free functionality.

The experts at CSS International have vast experience in working with any and all container applications. Whether it be labeling, corking, filling, stacking, coding, dividing, or sleeving, we will make sure your containers receive the right treatment.

We will accurately space, meter, invert, combine and go through each individual necessary step for the next application in your packaging line to properly and efficiently function. No container handling problem is too complex for us to solve. We design our change parts to suit any shape or size of containers.

By opting for our products, you will receive a rapid yet quiet operation, hand in hand with a gentle handling of each container. You don’t have to worry about any complex maintenance operations, as our modular designs make this activity clear and simple.

Our container handling change parts come in a wide array of colors for easy identification. In order to make part changing simpler, we use materials like PVC, UHMWPE, Colorcore, Delrin and stainless steel. CSS International guarantees that the stars and guides, bottle plates and clamps, centering bells, bottle/neck locators, and conveyor guide rails will make your containers be guided as smooth as a Venetian gondola tour.

Our Experience in the Field

With over 75 years of experience under our belts, CSS International is a leading force in the containing handling industry. Our aim is to optimize conveyor systems and to put our vast knowledge to test while doing so. We provide ideal solutions through our fast service and prompt follow-ups.

By using our solutions, you will enjoy a successful and efficient workflow. CSS International is all about finding the most efficient solutions for our clients…since this is what keeps us a leading force in business.

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We will gladly provide you with a consultation on how to make your container handling system more efficient.

As a company, we have been adapting to the U.S. market’s needs constantly for 75+ years. CSS International is one of the leaders in the production line manufacturing industry and we always look for ways to surpass our competitors by offering the most efficient and successful services that optimize your workflow.

Contact us either by phone, email, personally at the address provided in the Contact section, or simply fill out the contact form on our website. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Our experts are as professional as they are friendly and helpful. Let us show you why we are leaders in the industry.