CSS International to Attend Pack Expo East 2018 in Philadelphia

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CSS International

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19124

United States

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania—For companies utilizing conveyer systems, the equipment necessary to operate such machinery is often a large investment and must come from a trusted company. Machinery and parts are expensive, so in order for the investment to be worthwhile, they must be durable, long lasting, efficient, and fairly priced. For this reason, CSS International has been dominating the industry for years with their high quality, durable timing screws and other conveyor system solutions. Industry leader CSS International, after more than seventy successful years in the business, will be attending Pack Expo East 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to answer questions and to speak to their latest discoveries in conveyor system solutions.

The management team comprised of President H. Vance Coulston, and co-Vice Presidents Eugene F. Fijalkowski and Albert I. Andrew have pooled their collective decades of industry experience and expertise, as well as years of valuable education at established institutions like the Wharton School and Penn State, in order to build a company that prizes hard work, efficiency, and excellence in its products and services. The build of the products themselves, as well as the design elements that go into creating conveyor system solutions are all well researched and utilize cutting edge technology to create the best the industry has to offer.

The quality of products offered by CSS International is unmatched by other companies in the industry today. For companies that utilize large conveyer systems, CSS offers timing screws, vacuum reject systems, feed systems, side grip belt units, change parts, product orienteers, bottom code/inspection diverters, and lane combiners/diverters that are effective and high quality. These products will be seen and discussed at the upcoming Pack Expo East 2018. The dedication this company has to constantly improving and bettering the level of products it is able to patent and create for clients speaks to the level of respect they have for the industry as a whole, and for the clients they hope to serve effectively.

With so many valuable years in the industry, and such a wealth of knowledge and training to draw upon, CSS International is a company to watch when it comes to new, cutting edge conveyor belt technology in years to come. Their presence as a current industry leader at Pack Expo East 2018 is one much anticipated by many companies hoping to visit and discover new market trends and new technologies being offered in the new year.

Contact: Vance Coulston