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Feed Screws for Bottle Handling Systems

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A company’s packaging line equipment is only as good as its feed screw.

If your feed screw - also called timing screw - does not function properly, all the hundreds of thousands of dollars you invested in your equipment have gone to waste. Since feed screws are among the most important elements of a packaging line, you need a company that designs them with maximum efficiency in mind.

Performance is directly correlated with the productivity of a packaging line. At CSS International Conveyor System Solutions we are dedicated to meet your precise needs, because we understand how good a machine needs to function in order to deliver effective results. There is no inbetween, and we strive for precise perfection.

About Our Bottle Handling Systems

The main function of feed screw systems - or bottle spacers - is the separation of bottles or containers for accurate filling, capping and labeling, by maintaining precise spacing between containers. Sometimes, bottles tend to jam together on moving conveyors, and they need bottle spacers to keep them just the right distance apart.

Feed screws can be designed to handle various applications. Some of those include combining, dividing, rotating, collating, dwelling, denesting, and metering. Based on each feed screw’s changes in pitch or length, each one requires special engineering.

Our bottle handling systems adhere to certain standards that we as experts in the field set for ourselves. We use the highest quality materials based on container geometry profiles. Materials like HDPE, Delrin, UHMWP, metallic stainless steel, aluminum, nylon, Tufnol, PTFE, and other premium quality materials ensure that all bottles and containers stay upright and benefit from the highest stability on a conveyor belt, regardless of shape.


One factor that we are most proud of is our screw pocket design, which considerably reduces spillage. We cut the helix to fit each bottle or container according to their exact shape. This ensures an accurate pocket-to-pocket consistency.

For obtaining the best results, our engineers use precision machining in tandem with CAD/CAM designs, all while maintaining sanitary assembly processes. Our bottle handling feed screws are color-coded in order to be easily identified, ensuring an enhanced level of container control.

Whatever your application requirements are, we can even engrave the feed screws to suit your most unique customization criteria. Moreover, all of our products are manufactured to suit any machine make and model, shortening lead times and preventing other synchronization issues. This also ensures a quicker change-over, with no extra tools required.

The quality of our materials is durable. The feed screws have a long abrasion-resistant life

After many years in the field, we found the right material combinations that make each product more efficient and less of a hassle to use, modify, or replace.

Our Experience in the Field

With over 75 years of experience under our belts, CSS International has become a high standard for some of the biggest companies around the world. Our aim is to optimize conveyor systems and to put our vast knowledge to test while doing so. Managing and manipulating bottle handling systems is easily achieved under our expertise.

CSS International guarantees a successful and efficient workflow, ensuring a fast turnaround and a result optimization. We constantly strive to find the most efficient solutions for our clients…since this is what keeps us in business.

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We would be glad to provide a consultation on how to make your bottle handling system more efficient by using our feed screws.

We as a company have been constantly adapting to the U.S. market’s needs for over 75 years. CSS International is one of the leaders in the production line manufacturing industry and we always look for ways to be ahead of our competitors and offer premium services that optimize your workflow.