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How Long Does It Take To Get A Custom Lane Combiner Manufactured And Delivered?

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In the product manufacturing business, the latest innovation is smart conveyors for product packaging lines that integrate with automation that will increase packaging flexibility, minimize product damage, and still maintain industry standards for product safety and cleanliness. Manufacturers are quickly integrating with this new kind of product packaging and obtaining the benefits it delivers. Traditionally, a conveyor system was designed without focusing on drive dynamics, or the effects of container stability. However, our present design is based on average speed and mechanical longevity. Our new innovation strives to increase operating speeds and at the same time reduce wastage and manpower. Ultimately, our goal is to increase your product quality and quality control. Below you will obtain insight on the process and time it takes to get a custom lane combiner for your company.

What Is A Lane Combiner

Many manufacture beginners are not yet familiar with the term combiner. Well, be prepared for some major insight. A combiner is the mechanical part of the conveyor belt that combines the containers and/or products in a neat and perfect lane. Combiners are originally created to combine mass flow transportation of products into a single file line. Most combiners are comprised of a table top chain or mat-top chain. Combiners help organize and control your product during the manufacturing process to increase product identity and quality.

Lane Combiner Manufacturing process

Due to the fact the lane combiner is just a piece of the conveyor belt, the process isn’t too extreme. In addition, delivering an entire conveyor is a whole another story, but we are just here to inform you of the combiner. Depending on your conveyor size, will determine the longevity of a custom made combiner. A number of lanes and product you are manufacturing will determine your wait for delivery. Since combiners are designed to handle a large number of products, we make sure to design them to handle any amount or type of containers. Our goal is to create a desired flow without the threat of damaging your products or missing those damaged or mislabeled products. To achieve an automatic response at a fast rate will take some time, but the manufacturing process should take no longer than a week. Once again, depending on your product quantity, it can vary.

Finalizing and Delivery

Custom lane combiners are finalized with the utmost care to ensure proper function and results. We spend extra time during the finalizing process before delivery to make sure your manufacturing is running at a functional full speed. After the manufacturing process of the combiner, we test it enough to make sure it is working at optimum speed and strength to withhold any container or product. Our delivery process is always quick and efficient, no matter where your location may be. However, we make it top priority to deliver your custom made combiner safely without any damages.

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