Thursday 11th of November 2021

Bottle Lane Dividers & Combiners

About Our Lane Separators

CSS designs and manufactures lane dividers and combiners that allow for easy division or combination of multiple lanes using variable speed timing screws and drive units. They can be engineered to accommodate a wide variety of sizes and shapes and provide for complete line control.

Engineered to Perform

All CSS lane combiners/dividers are manufactured:

  • Using anodized construction
  • With stainless steel guards and timing screw mounting components
  • As free-standing units or bolt-on mounts
  • With variable speed drive motors/controllers or take-off shafts
  • Using precision radial double sealed ball bearings
  • With permanent magnet gear motors up to 500 RPM
  • With vari-speed controller with adjustable torque 120V AC 50/60 Hertz
  • In a NEMA 4x enclosure

They can be adjusted horizontally and vertically for left or right hand feed setups and don’t require tools for timing screw changes.

Customized for Each Lane Divider Application

Depending on your individual needs, our line combiners/dividers can be customized with:

  • Quick Change Timing Screws
  • Complete Stainless Steel Construction
  • Servo, Stepper or AC Motors
  • Brushless Motors
  • Explosion-Proof Motors
  • Clutches
  • Sensors
  • Positioning Digital Readouts
  • Washdown-Safe Motor Enclosures

CSS lane combiners/dividers are engineered for quick and easy adjustments and years of reliable performance. Contact us today at 800-278-8107 to learn more about these lane control conveyor accessories.

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