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When designing a timing screw for our clients, we pay particular attention to the individual application for which it will be used. This ensures the ideal product and performance for the job at hand. Following are just a few of the variations we consider:

Container Shape – We can produce timing screws to handle nearly any container/package shape, whether oval, rectangular, round, square, or triangular…we can also engineer timing screws that can handle a family of related container shapes, allowing for greater application and offering significant cost savings

Purpose – We can produce timing screws that allow for product collating, grouping, transfer, turning, orienting, dwell pocketing, acceleration, deceleration, combination, division, inspection and labeling

Line Type – We can produce timing screws that operate on Quick-Change, Dedicated and Customized Line Types

A Wide Variety of Timing Screw Material Options

CSS is able to design and manufacture timing screws in a wide variety of materials, including:

  • Aluminum
  • UHMW
  • Nylon
  • PVC
  • Delrin
  • Nylatron
  • Teflon
  • Ertalyte TX
  • Steel
  • Brass
  • Chrome Plated

Completely Customizable Timing Screws

In addition, we are able to customize any number of factors, including:

  • Screw Diameters
  • Screw Lengths
  • Screw Rotation
  • Line Speed
  • Discharge Spacing
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Live Conveyor Belt/Dead Surface

Thanks to our proven designs, quality materials and consistent manufacturing processes, CSS International is able to produce some of the industry’s best and most reliable timing screws. However, if any challenges were to arise, our customers can rest assured that we will be there to address and correct the situation. We stand behind everything we make and are ready to evaluate, design, deliver and maintain the right end product.

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Timing screws have been a crucial part of a company’s ability to optimize their efficiency and increase their overall productivity and accuracy for a very long time. Since each company has their own individual timing screw needs, a wide variety of screws have been developed. Thanks to innovative industry advancements, this screw is highly adaptable and has proven to be even more helpful in improving a company’s production and growing their bottom line.

Here is a big list of the most popular timing screw designs available on the market today:

1.   Inverse Taper Design

This type creates the highest performance when dealing with a random feed of containers, although it requires an offset guide rail.

2.   Straight Root Design

Type: Standard Infeed

The basic straight root design features a constant root diameter that creates a smooth container infeed.

3.   Shingle Infeed Design

This durable screw is best at separating flat sided and rectangular containers, even when faced with line backlog pressure. It is easily installed on labelers.

4.   Non-Round Choke Design

Type: Standard Infeed

This infeed design is used for separating square and rectangular containers, and it works most efficiently with a container backlog.

5.   Dividing Timing Screws

Type: Specific Function

This type is arguably one of the most useful designs as it evenly distributes one line of containers across two lanes.

6.   Turning Timing Screws

Type: Specific Function

Sometimes, rotating a container is necessary to carry out specific operations. Fortunately, turning timing screws have the ability to orient containers from 90 to 180 degrees to suit your orientation requirements.

7.   Dwell Timing Screws

Type: Specific Function

This particular design is made to allow a continuous flow of container while allowing containers to stop multiple times to perform different operations on the containers, such as cottoning, labeling, sleeving, closing, filling, or capping operations while the screws continue to rotate.

8.   Combining Timing Screws

Type: Specific Function

This handy design is utilized when two lines need to be converted into one output, for example, when you need to merge two lines into one.

9.   Transfer Timing Screw

Type: Specific function

Transfers screws give you the ability to keep control over containers as they are moved from operation to operation or machine to machine. These are not random fed, as the containers are placed directly into the timing screw pockets and depending on the size variations between containers the screw may be able to handle a larger family of containers.

10.  Body and Neck Stabilizing Screws

Type: Custom Timing Screw

When dealing with tall or unstable bottles or containers, stabilizing their body and necks becomes a vital part of your process. Fortunately, these screws are able to be mounted above each other to aid the stability of your containers.

There are a ton of timing screws design options available on the market today, so don’t limit yourself to simply the screws listed here. CSS International has developed a lot of experience installing, working, and maintaining timing screws over the years. If you have any questions regarding the type of timing screw you should be using, contact us today!


Timing Screws Manufacturer

CSS International offers timing screws that enhance our client’s production line and specific needs. In our 70+ years of service, we’ve learned the ins and outs of developing top of the line products for your industry.

We’re proud to say we’ve become something of leaders in the line production and equipment industry. Our screws help you maximize performance while minimizing downtime. We design functional timing screws that optimize efficiency and increase productivity. Using the latest technology and industry advancements, we deliver no less than the best for our customers.

Every customer has unique needs. That is why we pay extra attention to the application that the timing screw will be used for. This gives us the necessary information to construct the best product out there for our clients. Here is a little insight of the factors we consider when building timing screws for clients:

  • What is the container shape? CSS International can produce timing screws for almost any package shape. We can work with shapes including rectangle, oval, squire, round, or triangular! If needed, our engineers can construct options that work well with other similar container shapes. We offer amazing cost savings while maximizing performance.
  • What is the purpose of the timing screw? All timing screws serve a specific purpose. Knowing this information beforehand allows us to bring forward the best product for you. We’ve created screws for product collating, dwell pocketing, inspection, and labeling among so many other uses.
  • What line type are you looking for? We’re able to create timing screws that function on Quick Change, Dedicated, or Customized line types.
  • What material options did you have in mind? Our experts can manufacture timing screws from a variety of materials. These include but are not limited to aluminum, nylon, Teflon, steel, PVC, or brass.

Customized Timing Screws Options

Timing Screws Options

CSS takes pride in providing custom-made timing screw options. We use nothing less than quality materials, proven designs, and consistent manufacturing practices. We’re proud to bring forward a reliable and highly functioning product.

Here are some factors our engineers can help customize:

  • Screw diameters, length, and rotation
  • Line speed
  • Mounting hardware
  • Discharge spacing
  • Live conveyor belt / dead surface

If any problem were to occur, have peace of mind that we’ll address and correct it in a timely manner. Our conveyor accessory engineers have years of experience and knowledge, and they will resolve problems as soon as they arise. Learn more about how our timing screws can help you improve production by speaking with one of our CSS experts today.

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We understand the importance timing screws have on a packaging line. That is why we offer multiple types of options for any application. These are critical elements to control containers. It’s why you want to be sure you have the best available.

Have additional questions? Don’t hesitate to give us a call for more information on our products and services. Get in touch with us today at 800-278-8107 for a free estimate on our timing screws. We look forward to working with you!


Product Orienters

You’re probably used to any kind of installations taking a very long time and holding up your production line. Is the process of installing timing screws really worth it? In reality, the normal installation process for these handy screws is very efficient and will hardly affect your day’s productivity. The increased speed of production they bring you makes them well worth the wait for them to be installed.

Are Timing Screws Worth It?

Timing screws, sometimes called feed screws, are a crucial part of what increases the productivity of your production line, and they can greatly impact the overall success of the line. They bring an element of accuracy that is very difficult to achieve without them, which is why they are able to contribute so much to your production line.

It is important that these screws be designed to suit the applications requirements that they are geared for. When they are being designed, there are three things that should be considered:

1.Container shape

The container shape is important because these screws need to be able to handle whatever package shape is being used. The design of the screw depends on if the shape is triangular, round, rectangular, oval, or any other shape. There are even types that can adapt to multiple similar container shapes, giving them a wider range of use and saving you money if you need more than one shape covered.


Your individual production line needs will vary from that of another company’s, so of course your needs should be taken into consideration. Once you figure out what it is your production line needs, whether it is turning, grouping, product collating, labeling, or anything else, you can make an educated decision on what type of screw your production line needs.

3.Line type

The varying types of lines out there also makes a difference on the design of the screws. In order for them to contribute as much as they can, they need to be tailored to your specific line.

Final Benefits

You want to get as much benefit from your production line machines as you can, but there are errors that can lead to costly downtime. Fortunately, feed screws greatly reduce these machine errors, decreasing downtime and maximizing the benefits of your machines. These screws also eliminate the need to waste time double checking finished packages for errors due to their adaptable accurate handling process that minimizes production line mistakes. This innovative technology brings a whole new level of speed advancement to your production line.

At CSS International, we have years of experience efficiently installing these screws to every type of production line imaginable. Whether you’re looking for a quieter production line, cost effective solutions, or pin point accuracy, our varying products and designs can cover it. If you have any questions about timing screws or if you are unsure about your production line needs, contact us today with any questions!

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