Vacuum Reject Systems

A range of accessories that are ideal for almost every conveyor container application. Our products are easy to install and require low maintenance for ease of use.


Vacuum Reject Systems

CSS International manufactures precision-engineered vacuum reject systems (conveyor sorters) that can separate products to specific destination lanes for a wide variety of purposes, including:

  • Capping
  • Lidding
  • Labeling
  • Seal detection
  • Check weighing
  • Code verification
  • Vacuum detection
  • Fill-Level detection
  • Orienting inspection
  • Vision system inspection

Our versatile conveyor sorters are mechanically linked to our drive units to ensure correct timing between our starwheels and the timing screw drive units that power them. Flexible suction cup orifices located in each pocket of the starwheel are used to conform to the shape of each container.

Vacuum Reject Systems

High-Performance Standards

Our vacuum reject systems are manufactured for reliable performance:

  • Using anodized aluminum construction, stainless steel, plastic, etc.
  • As a stand-alone or mounted apparatus
  • To handle vials from 2 ml up to several gallons
  • With flexible suction cup materials based on application, speed, size, etc.
  • To operate at line speeds up to 2,600 CPM
  • For use with 30-75 PSI, 6.4 CFM air requirements
  • For use with 24V DC up to 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz electrical requirements

Whatever your application or technical requirements, CSS high-performance vacuum reject systems are an ideal solution. Contact CSS today to speak with one of our sales engineers.