Friday 7th of January 2022

Our Conveyor Product Solutions

CSS International has amassed an extensive library of engineered designs over the years, with decades of experience solving challenging package handling and transfer problems. Our expertise extends across nearly all areas of conveyor accessories, including:


Our Packaging Systems

Timing Screws deliver smooth and agile container feeding and handling, and are available in a wide variety of materials and colors. They can be completely customized according to root diameter, length, rotation, line speed, discharge spacing and more.

Screw Feeding Systems (modular drive units) mount to existing conveyors for quick and convenient installation and maintenance. Available in standard, twin and custom units with motor and controller or take-off shaft, these units can be adapted to fit nearly any application.

Change Parts stars and guides are available in standard, ‘no tools required’ and quick change mounting options. They are lightweight and color coded, designed and precision machined for quick changeover.

Bottom Code/Inspection Diverters provide convenient bottom access to containers for coding, labeling or inspecting purposes, without splitting the line and slowing down the process. They are designed to allow for quick container size adjustments, without the need for change parts.

Lane Combiners and Lane Dividers allow for easy division or combination of multiple lanes using variable speed drive motors to allow for complete control. They can be designed and manufactured to accommodate a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

Side Grip Belt Units grab containers and packages by their sides and carry them over conveyor gaps for special applications. They are ideal for gap transfers, bottom coding/inspecting/labeling and de-pucking.

If you’re seeking conveyor accessories that can increase your line output by as much as 50%, contact CSS International today at 800-278-8107. We are confident our innovative solutions can help you maximize your throughput and increase your overall productivity and profitability.